IV edition of the tournament


Organizers: Around the Sport & Wokół Sportu Foundation

Co-organizers: WKS Śląsk Wrocław

Age categories:
U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, G10, G12, G14, G16, G18

Number of teams: 120

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Sports facilities

Hall Orbita

The legendary sports and entertainment hall “Orbita” is an ideal place to play handball. The Polish national handball team plays their games in this hall, with a capacity of 3,000 fans. During the Wrocław Handball Cup tournament, the final matches in each age category will be played in the “Orbita” hall.

Multifunctional Hall of AWF Wrocław

A beautiful sports hall with spacious stands. Many professional clubs from Wrocław, not only in Handball, play their games here on a daily basis. A very representative hall, which will be one of the most used halls during the Wrocław Handball Cup tournament.

Hall Parkowa MCS Wrocław

A full-size sports hall for handball is a perfect fit for the Wrocław Handball Cup tournament. In January 2021, the floor was replaced with a completely new one, which will allow our teams to play in even better conditions.

Hall University of Life Sciences

Audience with stands for 354 seats. It includes a full-size main handball field and full social facilities with equipment. The sports hall is adapted for the disabled. The development of the area around the hall includes, among others: sidewalks, parking lot, fencing of the area, landscaping, greenery.

Sports Hall LO 9

A full-size sports hall of the highest quality, which will be one of the most important arenas during the international Wrocław Handball Cup tournament. The new dance floor and beautiful stands will surely provide our participants and viewers with irreplaceable sports emotions.

Tourist information

Rynek (Market Square) is the historic center of the city, which is a favorite meeting place for local residents and tourists. The Wrocław Market Square has an area of almost 3.8 hectares and is one of the largest such fairgrounds in Poland.

ZOO in Wrocław is the oldest in Poland. 14,000 animals live here, representatives of over 1,100 species. The main attraction of this zoo is a modern Africanarium, where you feel like you are on the “Black Land”.


It’s a extraordinary place that combines educational values ​​with a modern form of exhibition. It discovers the processes in which water is involved – from the functions performed in the human body to the ocean currents that shape the climate on Earth.

Centennial Hall (German Jahrhunderthalle), after 1945 also Hala Ludowa is a sports and entertainment hall in Wrocław located in Szczytnicki Park. It was built in the years 1911–1913 according to a design by Max Berg. In 2006, the hall was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Entered in the register of monuments in 1962 and again in 1977, together with an architectural complex including, among others Four Domes Pavilion, Pergola and Spire. It was the site of many sports and cultural events that are remembered by generations to this day. At the turn of the millennium, it was home to many sports, including also handball.

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