General Information

What is Around the Sport?

Around the Sport is an association focused on organizing and promoting sports events, specializing in football tournaments for children and youth. Our goal is to create an inspiring and competitive environment for young athletes.

What types of events do you organize?

We organize various sports events,  including local and international football tournaments for different age groups,  handball tournaments, training workshops, and other sports-related events.

Registration & Participation

How can I register my team for the tournament?

Registrations for the  tournament are done through our website. Simply select the tournament you  are interested in, fill out the registration form, and follow the further  instructions. 

Are there any age requirements for tournament participants?

Yes, each  tournament has specific age categories. Detailed information on age groups can  be found in the descriptions of each tournament on our website.

What are the entry deadlines for the tournaments?

In case of technical problems, please contact us directly via  email or phone listed on the contact page.

How can I get help in case of technical problems with online registration?

In case of technical problems, please contact us directly via  email or phone listed on the contact page.

What are the conditions for participation in the tournament?

To  participate in the tournament, a club must belong to an official regional or  national sports federation. Detailed conditions for participation, including criteria  for the location of the club, are available in our tournament regulations

What are the current football tournaments?

Information about the latest  tournaments and highlights from our sporting events are regularly posted on  our social media. We encourage you to visit our main profile: Around the Sport  on Facebook and the online homepage.

Logistics and Facilities

Can parents and guardians watch the matches?

Yes, parents and  guardians are welcome to cheer on their teams. We provide adequate facilities  on site to watch the matches.

Do you offer accommodation for visiting teams?

Yes, we offer accommodation options for visiting teams. Details of accommodation and reservations are available in the Tournament Offer. Please contact one of our coordinators.

11.Where can I find results and photos from tournaments?

Results, photos and other tournament materials are regularly posted on our social media. We
encourage you to visit our main profile: Around the Sport on Facebook.

Do you offer catering for teams during the tournament?

Depending on the tournament, we may offer catering options. Details of available catering options are in the Tournament Offer.

Does the organizer provide transportation to the tournament?

The  organizer does not provide transportation as standard. However, it is possible  to arrange on-site transportation for an additional fee after requesting it in  advance and receiving official confirmation. 

What are the options for public or private transportation to the tournament sites?

We offer information on transportation to tournament  venues. Details of available transportation options are usually shared via email  a few days before the tournament. 

Services & Regulations

Can I receive an invoice for participation in the tournament?

Yes, we  are able to invoice you for your participation in the tournament. Please indicate  this need during the registration process or contact us. 

Are there any prizes for the winning teams?

Yes, we offer various types  of prizes for tournament winners and participants. Details of the prizes can be  found in the Tournament Regulations

How can I change the team lineup after registration?

Changes in  team lineup are possible up to 3 days before the start of the tournament. Details  on how to make changes can be found in the Tournament Rules or can be  arranged individually after contacting our team. 

What services are included in the tournament package?

Included  in the tournament package are elements such as participation in the  tournament, accommodation, meals, assistance and service from an Around the  Sport staff member, tournament service including coordination, medical security  for the event, service from licensed referees, access to the tournament app,  individual and team prizes, access to the best available sports facilities and the  daytime availability of a tournament coordinator.

Payments, Changes and Terms

What are the costs of participation in the tournament?

Participation  costs depend on the tournament. Please refer to the Tournament Offer for  details on fees. For more information, please contact one of our coordinators.

What types of accommodation are available?

We offer various  accommodation standards from schools (Standard Basic), dormitories/inns  (Standard Bronze), hostels/hotels up to 2** (Standard Silver), to 3*** hotels  (Standard Gold) and 4**** hotels (Standard Platinum). 

What are the terms and conditions regarding payment for participation in the tournament?

Payments for participation in the  tournament must be made in installments to the bank account number indicated  by the organizer. Detailed payment terms and deadlines can be found in the  Confirmation of Participation, which is sent to the email address of the team  coach indicated in the Tournament Form.

What is a typical tournament day schedule?

A typical tournament day  schedule includes information about the start and end times of matches, breaks,  and the availability of additional activities or side events. A detailed schedule is  usually made available via email to coach a few days before the tournament. 

What are the rules regarding cancellation of participation in the tournament?

Cancellation of participation must be made in writing. For details  on cancellation costs, including various deadlines and percentage rates, please  refer to the Terms and Conditions document. For details, please contact us for  exact information.

Can I cancel my participation in the tournament and is it possible to refund the fee?

Yes, cancellation of participation is possible. The rules for  refunds are specified in the Terms and Conditions and depend on the time of  cancellation. For details, please contact us for exact information.

Is it possible to transfer the entry fee to another tournament?

Yes, it  is possible to transfer the entry fee to another tournament in the same season,  provided that such transfer is reported at the appropriate stage. Please refer to  our Terms and Conditions for details. 

What are the rules regarding deposit/deposit?

A deposit is required in  some accommodations. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details on  the amount of the deposit, its payment and return. 

Additional Information

What meals are included in the tournament package?

The package  includes a “half board” food option (breakfast and dinner). It is possible to order  additional lunch. Special dietary requirements can be submitted in the Registration form. Drinks and additional snacks are available for purchase at the  sports facilities, which are offered by external companies.

Is it possible to check in at the accommodation facilities in advance?

Check-in at the accommodations takes place according to the established  schedule. If you need to check in early, please contact us so we can check  availability and adjust plans if necessary.

What are the hours of night silence at the accommodations?

The night  silence at the accommodations is usually in effect from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  Please respect these hours to ensure the comfort of all guests.

What are the consequences of not complying with the accommodation regulations?

Failure to comply with accommodation regulations can lead to  various consequences, including financial penalties and, in extreme cases, even  disqualification from the tournament. 

What are the rules regarding team supervisors?

Each team must have at  least one adult supervisor. The guardian is responsible for the team and must  be stated on the Registration form. He is also responsible for any damage  caused by team members. 

What are the procedures in case of possible damages or problems at the accommodation?

In case of damages or problems at the accommodation,  they must be reported to our coordinator on the spot. Any damage will be  evaluated and may require the team to pay for it.

Are there any special rules or requirements for teams' outfits?

Teams  are required to play in appropriate sports outfits, including uniform jerseys with  numbers. Specific rules regarding costumes may be specified in the Tournament  Rules

What are the rules regarding player changes during the match?

The  rules on player changes may vary depending on the age category and format  of the tournament. Please refer to the Tournament Rules for details. 

Are tournament participants insured?

Information regarding insurance for  tournament participants is available in the Terms and Conditions. In some  cases, teams may be required to carry their own sports insurance.

What are the rules regarding photography and filming during the tournament?

Photography and filming at the tournament site is generally  permitted, but in some cases specific privacy and copyright restrictions may  apply. Specific rules may be available in the Tournament Rules or participant  information. 

What are the safety rules at our events?

Safety is a priority for us. At each  event, qualified medics and referees are present to ensure that the rules of “fair  play” are followed. In addition, we follow all safety and health standards in  force. 

Are medical and first aid stations available on the spot?

Tournaments  are equipped with first aid stations and staffed by qualified medical personnel.  The locations of these points are usually sent in the general information before  the tournament to the coach’s email.

Can I make a suggestion or idea to improve the organization of the tournament?

The organizers are always willing to listen to suggestions and  ideas for improving the tournament. Suggestions can be submitted through the  contact form on the website or directly during the tournament. 

How can I become a volunteer or sponsor of the event?

We are open to  cooperation with volunteers and sponsors. Please contact us through our  website, where you will find a contact form.